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Welcome to the DEB Talks blog

I’ve been in the employment agency business now for many years. In fact, it’s the career I’ve had all my professional life. Yet the idea of having a blog on my website is something completely new for me.

I’ve come to really enjoy TED Talks, hence my “DEB Talks” blog title.  I am amazed at the intelligence, humor,entertainment and inspiration I get from these talks. Although I won’t be personally giving video talks, my goal is to post content  in which my viewers will gain something from.

For now I’m signing off. I’ll be back on Valentines Day with my first attempt.



AEA Valentine



Happy Valentines Day!

With today being the day we in America and many other places in the world celebrate LOVE, and because love has many faces, I decided to do some research on the big question.  What is it that makes people love what they do in relation to their employment? Granted not everybody is so crazy in love with their job.  For many it is just a means to an end… a paycheck… a J-O-B. So I’ve been reading up on some tips for finding happiness with your career and it turns out it has a lot to do with 3 things.

First let me give credit to the author of the article written by Ms. Jennifer Winter titled: Three Secrets of People Who Love Their Jobs. She broke it down into these three characteristics:

  1. They’re comfortable with failure. The reason being that they realize with every failure, there is a nugget of wisdom attained to add to their “tool box” (as Ms. Winter put it). Although failure is not always pleasant, it can be an opportunity to learn something valuable in creating success in the future.
  2. They’re confident. Showing supervisors and co-workers that they are confident in their abilities. Giving their best builds trust and allows for more freedom to work independently.
  3. They don’t always love their jobs. Everyone has bad days at work. It is going to happen and people who love what they do have confidence in their ability to weather through the bad days and realize things will get better.

Be sure to follow the link to read the article.