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Resume Writing Tips, How To Write a Creative Resume & Get a Job – by Michelle, Write By Night


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Unemployment Advice- by Take Charge America, Inc.

American Employment Agency will soon be posting new videos for job candidates to view in a wide area of topics pertaining to employment. Some of the subjects we are researching: Salary expectations from recent college grads to the seasoned employee making a job change, variances in pay based upon the region of the US in which you live, keys skills that are in demand in the work place and subjects such as working remotely from home…is it going to be more prevalent in the near future?

Technology is definitely having an impact upon the way individuals are expected to apply for jobs as well as how they interview. There are many companies these days who use Skype or Face Time to conduct interviews remotely. And gone are the days when one can simply walk in to a company and ask to speak to a manager about employment opportunities with their company. It is very rare to even be given an application. In today’s world you can expect to be directed to go online and apply. Videos detailing ways to navigate online applications and pointers on how to best present yourself on the screen versus in person are some of the subjects coming up soon.

At American Employment Agency we welcome your input on our videos. We want to post information that is a useful tool to aide you in being knowledgeable and prepared for your interview. Suggestions of particular topics pertaining to the employment market can be sent to Debbie Spitler. Just go to the “Contact Us” tab and send us your suggestions or particular questions you may have. Videos